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Visa Experience 25th June 2018


Me: Good Morning. VO: Good Morning. Pass me your documents. Me: Sure (Documents passed) VO: Why are you going to the U.S? Me: To pursue PhD in Computer Science. VO: When did you applied to the U.S. visa earlier? Me: In 2016. VO: What happened to your application then? Me: My visa was rejected at that time. VO: In which school did you apply to? Me: Named the schools. VO: Why did you selected Stony Brook (After looking at the I-20) Me: Because its curriculum is aligned with my research goals and some professors in their CS department have done extensive research on file systems, which is my area of interest. VO: Which research topic will you explore during PhD (asked something like this)? Me: File systems and storage, I can explain it in if you want. VO: No, it does make sense to me (with a smile). Then he kept typing. VO: Have you ever been to Afghanistan, or Iraq? Me: No. After some typing, said that they need to get some more information and asked me to upload following documents: My CV Advisor's CV Study Plan Travel history Special thanks to ScholarDen for all his efforts.