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Visa Experience: 25th July 2017 Status: Approved


Interview duration: dont know the exact time but it was around 5 to 6minutes.

The VO was young American guy, Man bun Look, Ear Pierced, looks like jake gyllenhaal  :p

VO: Good morning, How are you? Me: Good morning, I am fine, how about you? (Just smile) VO: Please pass me your docs Me: Sure (Passed) VO: So stevens ? Me: yeahhh... Silence (typing)

VO: Thats very unusual that you live in india and come here to give the interview (Smiling) Me: I just smiled, haha yes!

VO: So you done your batchelors from india as well? Me:Yes sir! VO:Can you show me your degree? Me: Sir, I Completed my B.E in this june therefore I dont have degree but I have provisional one and marksheets (Passed)

VO: After MS? Me: I am going to take care of my mother's business, She is a real estate developer.

VO: who are your sponsors? Do you have any financial documnts of your sponsors? Me: Yes Sir, My parents are sponsoring me, My father is a doctor, and I have a 17247$ fellowship from this university too, also I have secured loan. (Passed - Fund flow statemnt, loan sanction letter, bank statemnts, fellowship letter from stevens)

VO: have you been to US? Me: No sir

VO: besides india and pakistan do u have relatives in any other country? Me: No Sir.

VO: typing, typing, Typing.... Hand over me the slip, Congrats your visa is approved! Best of luck for your studies! Me: Thankyou so much sir, You made my day, have a good day sir! Dream Come true! VO: Laughed  :p


Final Remarks: Be yourself. Be open and honest. They have no reason to reject you if you are honest and clear about everything. Good luck!