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Visa Experience: 22nd June 2017

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Initially, I was feeling tensed and my fear grew even bigger when shuttle driver said, “Be careful boy, VOs are grilling prospective candidates and handing rejections without any solid reason”.

As soon as I entered inside embassy hall, a sense of composure and calmness prevailed. I stood in lane for interview and was waiting for my turn, when I saw that the VO was bombarding a series of questions to the guy standing next to me in front of counter. I felt shuttle driver’s prophecy is somewhat true. His visa was rejected. Now it was my turn. WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE

VO was in his late twenties, skinny, half bald-headed. My experience: VO: Hello, How are you feeling, boy?

Me: I am fine Sir. How are you? VO: Good, Very Good

VO: Pass me your I20, DS160 and passport ME: Sure Sir (Passed)

VO: So, tell me, why USA? ME: to pursue masters in mechanical engineering at University XXX

VO: Why this particular university? ME: I got fully funded admit along with GTA. Also, two of the renowned and leading experts are working in my field of interest. (Meantime, VO typing and was looking towards the screen)

VO: (looked towards me) when did you graduate? ME: September 2016

VO: Hmm, so what have you been doing since then? (The most haunted question) ME:(VO was now looking at me, judging my body language) After my undergraduate degree, I was busy in preparation of Standardized test namely- GRE, TOEFL and then I applied in graduate schools. Waited for admissions and gave GTA interviews.

VO: Under what basis have you received this funded position? ME: Based on my previous track record, and my future research goals.

VO: Did you write any thesis during undergraduate degree? ME: Yes, Indeed.

VO: Title? Me: Told (he Looked thoroughly again at my i20)

VO: Who is paying your plane ticket and initial expenditures? Me: My father is my primary sponsor and I also have some personal savings.

VO: Great. Handed me Blue receipt. And said golden words, “Your visa has been approved” ME: Thank you, Sir. Thank you very Much. I am very pleased. Thank you (Ecstatic): P