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Visa Experience: 18th April 2017


I was initially feeling good during the document verification and finger printing steps. But then I got a little worried when I saw two rejections in front of me in the interview section (One family applying for visit visa rejected by another officer and another student applying for F-1 visa rejected by the same officer who took my interview). My Visa Officer was a young blonde girl whom I already knew of from a USEFP visa seminar although I didn’t mention her that. But that was kind of a confidence booster for me. VO: Good Morning, please step forward. Me: Good Morning Madam! VO: Pass me your Passport? Me: Sure. (Gives the passport, DS-160 confirmation page with photograph, I-20 and SEVIS Fee Receipt to the VO) VO: Why are you going to the US? Me: I am going to US to study my Master’s program in Electrical Engineering at UMKC. VO: How many universities did you apply to? Me: I applied to 6 universities in total. VO: Can you name them? Me: Named them all. VO: And why did you chose this particular university? Me: Told her the reason (Good curriculum in EE, scholarship and low tuition cost) VO: How will you cover the rest of the cost? Me: I have 3 sponsors (Told her about them) VO: How long is your program of study? Is it a 2 year program? Me: Stumbles a little and then said yes it’s a 2 year program but can be completed in 1.5 years depending upon the courses you take in a semester. VO: What does your brother do in US? Me: Told her about him. VO: Can you show me your bank statements? Me: Yes, sure! (Starts opening my harmonium file and looking for the bank statements) In the meanwhile: VO: What do your parents do? Me: Told her about them. Me: These are the bank statements. (Passes them over to her) VO: (Looking at the bank statements) Who is this Abdul Haseeb? Me: That’s myself madam. VO: So your parents have sold some kind of property to put money into your account? Me: Yes, exactly. Most of the money in this account comes from that property sale. VO: Where was this property located? Me: Told her the location which she couldn’t understand so asked for it again. I told her the location again and also told her that was my mother’s property. VO: (Being satisfied with that she moves forward and takes some time reading something from her PC, probably my DS-160) VO: Have you been to US before? Me: Yes madam. VO: When did you go to US? Me: Told her. VO: Where did you apply for visa before (Asks surprisingly because my previous visa was not issued in Pakistan)? Me: Told her about the country and city name. VO: Why there? Me: Because I was living there at the time of applying for my visit visa to US. VO: What were you doing there? Me: Told her that I was working there (with particulars). VO: When did you visit US? Me: Told her the month and year. VO: For how many days did you stay in US? Me: Told her approx. number of days. VO: When did your return back to Pakistan? Me: Told her. VO: Where will you stay? Me: In Kansas City. VO: No, you have already told me that. I mean where are you going to stay in Kansas City? Me: Oh, I have not decided upon that yet. It can either be on-campus facility or out of campus apartment. VO: (Seems satisfied with my answer) Ok. So, what are you doing right now? Me: Told her about my current job particulars. VO: (Returns the i-20) Keep the I-20 with you, you’ll need to show this to border patrol officers at the port of entry, so always keep this with you. Me: (Thinking in my mind, she must be saying this because she’s going to approve my visa) VO: (And then she uttered those golden words) I am approving your visa. Good luck for your studies. (Gives a blue “Visa Approved” slip) Me: Thank you madam (with a big smile). When can I get my passport back? VO: Everything about that is written on that slip. Me: Ok. Thanks a lot madam. (Leaves the embassy) The whole interview was hardly 7-8 minutes long. She didn’t ask for any other supporting documentation other than the bank statements. So the key is to be bold and confident. And don’t give VO any reason to ask you tough questions or for more documentation. Best of luck to you all!