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Visa Experience: 17th May 2017


Reached the shuttle service area around 5.40 a.m. Waited for the economy counter to open till 7.00 a.m. Paid 500 and reached embassy. VO : Please pass the documents: Me : Sure! (Passed the documents)(passport, sevis, DS-160, etc.) VO : Oh! what is that brand on your T-Shirt? Me : This one? (pointed my finger) I don't know!  :) My mom bought that for me! VO: So which school are you applying to? Me : UALR VO : and what program are you applying to? Me : PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering VO : Oh! So you are a smart guy! Me : Smiling! VO : What is your area of specialization? Me : Control Systems VO : So from where did you do your masters? Me : from EME College, NUST. I was the topper there in my stream. VO : So you were the top student?? Me : Yes! VO : Asks again! Me: Yes! VO : That's great. That's interesting! Me : Thanks!  :) VO : Oh what happened to your arm? (there was a scar) Me : told him that I fell from the bike.... doctors could not fix it properly initially then had to go for surgery. VO : oh! So you still drive motor bike? (smiling) Me : Yes!  :) VO : Smiling... okay so have you ever been to Arkansas? Me : Never been out of Pakistan before.... VO : Oh my God! laughing... really? Me : yes! VO : Do you know about arkansas? Me : Not much! VO : started telling me about the state...... how did you chose UALR? Me : told him that I met the professor when he visited Pakistan for a conference and all..... VO : Do you have your advisor's CV? Me : NO! VO: Do you have your CV? Me : Yes! (took out my CV) VO : Do you have your research plan with you? Me : Not now sir! I submitted it to the university but do not have it now. (Passed my CV) VO : keep it with you! He game me a green slip! listen!Upload these documents online on the US Embassy website and we will then process your visa. It will take a month. Me : thinking (what is this happening?) VO : kept my passport with him and said "Have a good time in Arkansas". waved his hand with a smiling face.

Lesson: You must keep your advisor's CV and your research plan with you