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Visa experience: 17 Oct

Passport index visa 003

The mock interview sessions that we had were of great help to me. Sir Faisal pointed out the mistakes that I was making while answering the questions and I got all of those questions in the visa interview that we had practised during the mock sessions so I was conscious enough not to repeat those mistakes. My visa has been approved in the first attempt.

My experience is as follows:

It was of 5-10 minutes hardly. The VO has asked me following questions.

Why are you going?

Why this University?

You have been to US before. What was the program?

Why haven’t you applied for the Fall?

Who is sponsoring? 

What does your father do? Do you have the bank statements?

Have you ever been to Iran,Iraq or Afghanistan?

Is it just for the Masters? 

And then he said ok I am approving your Visa.