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VISA Experience: 05th June 2017


1st INTERVIEW Date: 23/05/17 Status: Rejected Interview duration: 1 minute The VO was young American guy.

VO: Good morning. Me: Good morning, Sir. (passed the docs) VO: Why USA? Me: To pursue Masters in xyz VO: What school? Me: told him the name of school (X University) Vo: Where is X University? Me: Told him the city and state of University. VO: Why do you want to go to this University? Me: the coursework at X University is very flexible and allows *you* to personalize according to your career path. More importantly, a lot of ongoing research at X University is directly linked with my undergraduate research and also aligns perfectly with my future goals (I probably spoke too fast)

After listening to the answer VO nodded negatively slightly like either he wasn't convinced with the answer or something was wrong at the screen. Then there was silence for around 15 seconds and he kept typing and said Sorry my friend, At this time I cannot give you a visa. Yellow slip. Explained. On that yellow slip, condition 214b was written that means that I do not have strong ties with country and am a potential immigrant. But I wasn't asked any question related to it. The mistakes I made: 1) I spoke too fast, it wasn’t clear, it sounded like I have memorized my answer and just repeating it. I used the word *you* in the answer to the question *Why this university* which is a horrible mistake. We should personalize the answer to ourselves. That how It will be beneficial for me. The coursework would help me in this and this way. 2) I was wearing a suit and it was warm outside and he might have thought that I am not being myself. I should have been dressed casually or maybe not the coat.


I did not change anything in my profile except my confidence and outlook. Also, I was being honest and open this time and told the reasons openly for joining this University. I wrote this reason too in my DS 160 form that I think I was rejected first time because I could not demonstrate my case very well.

The VO was young American lady. Date: 5th June, 2017

VO: Good Morning Me: Good morning ma’am. VO: Please pass me your docs Me: Sure (Passed) VO: Why USA? Me: To pursue Masters in xyz specifically in Y specialization. VO: Which universities did you apply in? Me: I applied in 7. Should I name them all? VO: Some of them. Me: I named them all while she was typing and looking at my docs. VO: Why did you choose X university? Me: Ma’am, I chose X university because of 3 reasons: Firstly, I can choose more electives at this university related to Y specialization because the coursework is flexible. Secondly, they have a dedicated research facility named “ABC” for Y specialization and most of the on-going research at X University is about Y specialization and I am really interested in doing that research because I did the research on the same topic in my bachelors. She interrupted VO: So you want to do the research in Y specialization there? She said the name of exact project which I told her that I want to work on this project. She just asked me again that do you want to research on this project? Me: Yes ma’am. Then I continued my answer that thirdly, I have a partial scholarship from this university too. VO: She looked at my i20 form again and had a good impression. VO: When did you graduate? Me: June, 20YY VO: From which university? Me: NUST (I then said the abbreviation of NUST as she was quite) VO: Yes, I know. VO: So who will bear these expenses? Me: My parents are sponsoring me. VO: What are they? Me: My father works as X abroad and my mother is homemaker but I mentioned her name because using her bank account statement. VO: (she was confused by my answer) Can I please see your bank papers? (She passed me back my SEVIS fee receipt while I was giving her bank statement) She saw the bank statement and then handed me the white slip and said I think it needs another check to be performed so I am giving you this white slip. Your case is in Administrative Processing. As soon as the check is done, we will update you that whether your visa is approved or not. She also gave me an invitation card to attend the orientation organized by USEFP and said do come to this orientation of students who are going to US if you are interested. Me: Sure ma’am. Do I have to submit any other documents? VO: No. No other documents. She kept my passport, bank statement, i20 form and ds160 confirmation page. Me: Thankyou, Ma’am. Have a great day. VO: You are welcome.

Then the status of visa was updated after 3 days from “Administrative Processing” to “Issued” and I got the email the next day to collect my passport.

Final Remarks:

1) Be yourself. Be open and honest. They have no reason to reject you if you are honest and clear about everything. 2) My bank statement was not very strong but was fulfilling the i20 requirement. 3) I dressed up second time without coat etc. And was feeling very relaxed which helped me with answers too. 4) Do not give any extra details unless asked. Good luck