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USA Visa Experience 27th April-2017/ Thu, 23 Nov 2017


The interviewer was a young American guy. He asked me to give him the i20, ds160 and passport before asking further questions. He: Good morning Me: Good morning sir He: Why are you going to USA Me: To pursue Master's in xyz field He: what school? Me: told him the name of school as written on the i20 He: what are you doing now? Me: I am doing job in some private company (also told him the name of that firm) He: when did you graduate Me: in june 2016 He: who's funding you Me: my father is sponsoring me He: what's he doing? Me: told him the current rank and occupation of my father He: what's your plan after study Me: I have no long term plan yet as my immediate goal is to get the Master's degree (didn't want to BS him that i would come back and make my nation proud) He: (handed me the blue slip and kept my passport) have a great stay in USA, goodluck. Me: Thank you Sir ( smiling)


My experience upshot: 1: Dont stress on again and agan that you will come back to Pakistan to make a big change here 2: be confident and even lie with a confidence. 3: physical appearance matters but not too much 4: A guy in front of me was rejected because he had a bank balance of 3.5 crore but couldn't justify it 5: Speak clearly and confidently and what you say should be matched with the Ds form 6: have a good luck that day Thanks 7: dont tell him the stories when you can cover your answer briefly