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US Visa Experience: 15th June 2017

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The usual finger prints and queues. The blond counsellor took my interview . C: Good Morning Me: Hi! Good Morning C: Why are you going to US Me: I'm going for my masters degree at XYZ uni C: What subject Me: XYZ major C: Did you apply to any other unis Me: Yes! Named the universities and states they're situated in C: So why did you chose to go to X Me: Because they made the best offer with a full scholarship and I've RA ship to support myself over that. The others have offered scholarships but they were partial. Also it's a top program for my major and a great college. C: Who will support you as you need $0000 Me: My parents as they have income C: what do they do Me: my mother is retired gov teacher and has a pension and some other assets and father is a business man C: what business? Me: Told her what business She typed in between many questions and at this point kept typing Asked me for Bank statement. Asked Sevis and I-20 initially Examined my bank statement Me: It's a joint account of my Parents Counselor gave me my I-20 and says keep it with your passport at immigration or airport. Kept typing Me: So I have a question, can I get this laminated as you basically need it everywhere. C: I guess Counselor gave me back my bank statement, my Sevis proof and a blue slip C: Your VISA has been approved, all the best Me: Thank you very much Advise: Be confident, smile, relax, don't be so uptight, and I had the separator stickers on all Documents neatly set and I gave them along with those, I guess it puts a good impression.

I took literally everything with me just in case. Acceptances and scholarship offers printed from all institutes. Acceptance from the college I'm going to. Sevis and I-20. Visa confirmation email. HR recommendation of a valuable and reliable asset. Bachelors transcript. Bank statement. Sponsor letter. DS-160 conformation. Pictures

Here is the experience though Dress: I wore Black dress pants, a casual black collar button down cotton frock. Black pointed toe heels. I was going for a safe thing, not too formal, not too casual.