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How I got 120/120 in TOEFL?


Reading: I targeted the reading sections first because I knew if they gave us the more difficult passages, this could be my vulnerable area. Out of 45, I would usually get 42 or 43. Also at the center when I was talking to other exam givers I noted that candidates usually don’t read the passage in its entirety because usually the paragraph is given on top of the question asked. Idk if it helps but I always made it a point to first read the entire passage first and then go on to the questions. In this way, I was reading the passage twice before answering questions.

Speaking: This wasn’t that big of a challenge but I still made recordings of myself on my phone and then listened to them. I noticed sometimes that I was going too fast and how I needed to tone down my accent so that it would be more clear. In the exam, I made sure I didn’t shout but rather focused more on spacing my words and speaking clearly in the right pronunciation even at the expense of time.

I also made a friend listen to my recordings just to know whether she could understand them. In listening, I used to write extensive notes the first time I did a test but realized that writing too much was compromising my ability to listen. It’s just not possible to write the whole lecture. I made drawings instead to remember points. This really helped. I learned this technique from GRE verbal. And I focused on listening to the speakers.

Writing: I didn’t need to practice or do much. This was one area I was confident about. But yes I did read sample texts of people who scored high just so that I would know how they graded people.