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IELTS 7.5 - Muhammad Sohaib


IELTS Score: 7.5 Overall (L7.5, W7.5, S7, R7)

Strategy to Prepare for Academic IELTS (short time span)

Here I am sharing my strategy to prepare for IELTS in as least as three weeks. As after registration with British Council I found almost three weeks to prepare. Although I was in touch with the folks and IELTS aspirants since few months but never took it serious until fee payment. So it is my advice to register and pay fee as soon as possible to get yourself motivated and inspired for preparation. I decided to pursue coaching at first, but later on opted the following strategy:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) and Believe in Yourself (BIY)

It is better to play with your own bat, firstly I downloaded all the data regarding IELTS. My sources were IELTS Official Website, Youtube. Bunch of stuff like, "Cambridge IELTS (1 to 11), Barron IELTS, Kaplan etc". You can buy this stuff if you can afford. IELTS related files, I found after searching on google were, "The way to study, 101 Helpful Hints for IELTs, 150 Essays". Out of my 16 days, I spent initial two days to thoroughly understand the structure and modules of IELTS, followed by tips I found in the given files. After getting this initial necessary information about the test, it occurred to me that my DIY decision was right and it is not that difficult, with firm determination one can hit the apex in even such short period of time.

2. IELTSx Course on edX Forum

Luckily, I found a free IELTSx course on edX forum presented by the faculty members from University of Queensland Australia. It was a self-paced 8 weeks course and my target was to complete this course, without missing anything, in 9 to 10 days. So that I could find 3 to 4 days to practice full length tests. I have got to say that this course was very gently driven and covered every single little detail regarding IELTS, presented with video explanations, handsome tips and practice exercises. Although I had to drive the course with extra pace due to the shortage of time. However, I would like to strongly recommend this to rookies who are intending to take IELTS in upcoming months. Good news is, edX has launched app, one can easily get benefit from there.Course Link:

Course Link:

3. Practice, Practice and Practice

Here comes the most crucial part to achieve any milestone. "The more you practice, greater you achieve". Now that you have done with course, acquired complete understanding of what the test would be alike, now it is time to hit the ground by start practicing full length tests. Out of all available material, Cambridge IELTS practice book 9, 10, 11 are highly effective as these contain latest words, phrases and sentence structure which are likely to be appeared in the test. I personally completed IELTS Cambridge 11th version in full and two tests from 10th version, and few listening exercises from Barron's IELTS. Again, practice will build and boost your confidence.


If you do not want to buy books in hard form and you have printer handy, it is better to buy a paper ream and print only reading modules from practice books for your ease, because only reading part is difficult to perform via laptop or notebook. Rest of the modules do not require hard copy files to practice from, as it will save you time and money as well.

Good luck !