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IELTS 7.5 - F. Iqbal


I have taken my IELTS last month and got 7.5 bands. Here I want to share my story which may prove helpful for prospective students. There are a few important things which I believe one should keep in mind before appearing for the test. Firstly, I shortlisted different universities for my Master’s study and realized that I need to score this much to be on the safer side. Before registration, I was confused about test content and had many questions in my mind. So I connected with a person who had scored higher band and he guided me about the material, environment and other pros and cons of the test. One can find a lot of help online but there is no match of the guidance received by meeting someone in person.

I am a kind of person who won’t start preparation until the sword is hanging on the head. Therefore, I registered for the test a month ago and started working. I downloaded the Cambridge IETLS preparation material. It is available for free. Ask me if you want that. I think it is enough and to be honest I hardly completed 2 sets while I had 7 or 8.

For speaking part, I would select a flash card topic and start practicing by recording my voice on phone. Afterwards, I listened the recording and wrote down pronunciations, vocabulary mistakes and next time try to eliminate them. Try to be fluent and do not deviate from the topic. I worked on about 15 to 20 topics in three days before test and luckily got the similar topic which I had practiced and that helped a lot. For listening, try to practice as much as you can and check your answers with the provided key. Common problem which people face is that they understand the answer but make a mistake while writing that on paper. They don’t give importance to the spellings, use of capital letters, and format of date, time etc. which is mandatory to be followed. So even if you are sure that you have got the right answer do not forget to cross check. If you miss a particular word or question while listening do not think about that and move on, answer later or make a wild guess.

The questions in the reading part are bit tricky. You have to look in between the lines to find the answers. Make sure that you are able to read and understand the topic at the same time. Go through the questions carefully and if you don’t understand a question do not waste time on that. Leave it for the end. The most difficult part for me was writing. I tried preparing on my own and I feel my preparation was not upto the mark. Try to contact someone who had scored well in this section. Select different topics prepare a draft ask them to check your response. Do not deviate from the topic or repeat sentences. Try to use as much connector words as possible. Practice as if you are in the test centre and keep a check on time.

Regarding the test centre I would recommend to take your confirmation letter and original passport/ID only. They will provide stationary and other required material. They have a hectic checking process and waste a lot of time especially on stationary and raise useless objections. So it’s better to avoid the situation. Last but not the least pray for the desired result and do not expect much . Be relaxed and have belief and I am sure you will be successful if you have prepared well.