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GRE 323 - Syed Farzan Ahmed

My name is Syed Farzan Ahmed and I'm a mechanical engineering graduate. I recently gave the GRE and received a score of 158V, 165Q, and 5.0 AWA. My prep strategy is more or less simple; I practiced 20 verbal and 20 quantitative questions daily. Aside from that, I learned all 650 words. This, along with the regular reading of internet articles is all that I needed to achieve a good score on the GRE. To future students, I would recommend Scholar Den, hardworking and dedicated. Most importantly, I would recommend anyone taking the GRE to stay calm before and during the paper. Stress management is key to a good score. It can make up to a 5 point difference on the actual test. Keep practicing reading and writing skills for verbal and practice maths extensively, and most of all, stay calm and composed in a test day, and hopefully, you will be able to score great.

Scholar Den Platform made me confident about the actual test, what to expect, how much to prepare, etc. I also got to solve a lot of hard and tricky questions that prepared me for the actual GRE.