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GRE Success Story - How to improve score from 300 to 330?

Hi, I will share how I improved my score from 300 to 330. I am an engineer with majors in Robotics.

The first time I took the GRE diagnostic or mock test without any preparation was 300. My aim was to score 330, so I started preparing for GRE test for around 3-4 months (with a job), and my primary source of prep was ETS's own guide and a pdf I found online with essay topics and sample essays with them. 

Week 1 and Week 2:

Read up on the core concepts of mathematics. Being from engineering background maths was relatively easy to revise.  I went through the ETS guide and made notes, especially for maths.  I did a few practice questions from Scholar Den. Took first practice test from PowerPrep GRE after two weeks to assess current standing. I don’t remember exact scores, but It was around 315 or so I think.

Week 3 to ~ Second Last Week:

I developed my own study schedule to fit around my job

  • Did 10 quant and 10 verbal practice qs every day.

  • I only started on vocabulary questions after a month so I had some vocab prepared by then.

  • I wrote two essays every Sunday and compared them with the sample provided.

  • Did a practice test every two weeks.

Last 10 days or so:

  • Took ETS PowrePrep GRE second practice test.

  • Revised whole vocab once.

  • Revised the maths notes.

  • Did nothing for three days before the GRE test, so I don’t make myself overwhelmed.

Some Personal Tips:

I would suggest learning to build concepts and practice questions. Give yourself time to set some foundation of concepts before practice questions so you don’t discourage yourself initially, even though in the start you are bound to scoreless. That’s ok.

Give due focus on the Reading Comprehension part of verbal. It is, in my opinion, more challenging.

Keep a separate small notebook to note down tips from maths, like a special 90-degree triangle (3-4-5, 5-12-13). You will find these in the ETS guide, especially practice questions. If you have gone through a whole Bachelors (or Masters), with all its tests, exams, projects, final thesis/project, and stresses. You can take a test of Maths, English, and IQ.

Good luck to everyone.