GRE 327 - M.H


I would firstly like to acknowledge the support and guidance I received from the Scholar Den mentors and active group members. The Facebook page ( the Scholar Den GRE WhatsApp group are of great help. Honestly, I think my journey would have been lot difficult had I not come across such amazing people. (Copied but totally convey my sentiments)

Also thanks to my SKYPE group mates!

Test Day Tips:

  • Before test day have a good nights’ sleep, dress well, have a good breakfast and stay positive. Read a few jokes maybe or anything to lighten the mood. At this point you are done with the part where your hard work matters it’s time to do justice to the preparation you did and take it easy.

  • It’s a good idea to bring a water bottle and some snacks along.

  • It’s very important to not let it get to your nerves.

  • Utilize the break, have some water and relax for a while!

  • If you get stuck on a question take a quick guess, mark it and return back later if you have time.

  • Also it’s a good idea to bring the codes of the institutions you want to send scores to.

Test Day Experience:

  • My test was at 9:00am and I was at the test center at 7:50 am

  • We filled a form and consented on never disclosing the contents to anyone and they briefed about the test.

  • After that the test started around 8:50 am. They provide noise cancelling head phones which I used for verbal sections even when there was no noise.

  • I had three verbal sections and 2 quant sections.

  • During all my mock tests I completed quant sections within 25 minutes at most but I paid a lot of attention this time because small mistakes make a difference. Also for questions that were apparently taking a lot more time, I guessed an answer, marked it and moved on the next one. I always do data interpretation questions at the end because they take time and they are my least favorite questions and with quant I usually have time at the end.

  •  I had three verbal sections and I did RCs and CRs first because the hard part was over once I was done with them. I was able to manage time.

  • I focused only on the current section and didn’t think about what’s coming next.

  • Last section was the hardest because I was truly drained at that point but hopefully it didn’t go too bad.

GRE PREP Suggestions:

  • The GRE resources provided in the group are more than enough. Go through all, first part is knowing your strength and weaknesses. Skim through what you know and pay attention to what you find hard.

  • The suggestions are already there, the internet is riddled with suggestions and so is the group; listen and use those. It’s way better than joining an academy.

GRE Quant Suggestions:

  • Learn the tricks and keep practicing mathematics is all about that.

  • Again know where your skills are and where your weaknesses are and prepare accordingly.

  • There’s an easy way to every GRE question.

GRE Verbal Suggestions:

  • I did RC-99 medium and manhattan 5lb for RCs and watched some videos! I’ve heard Ron’s videos are great but I watched one or two myself

  • Manhattan 5lb for all the verbal related questions.

  • There’s an app prep4gre it’s very helpful too.

  • Barron’s 333 words and magoosh flash cards are great I didn’t do them all but I picked about a hundred words from these two and made my own flash cards.

  • Having a dictionary and an app such as NY Times helps too if you like studying that way.

Mock Tests:

  • ETS powerprep II is the closest to actual GRE so save one for after you’ve completed the preparation you’ll get a very good idea of where you stand

  • Manhattan 5 lb is great for practice.

  • Also it’s a good idea to time the questions whenever you solve them for instance you’re solving 5-10 RCs, TC’s or quant comparison questions, timing them gives you not only estimate but later when you sit in actual GRE you’re already confident you can manage the time. It helps the nerves.

I guess that’s all. Hope it helps and Good Luck