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GRE 318 - Khizer Javed

I joined Scholar Den nearly a year ago. The main purpose behind this is to get away with this GRE beast I started my preparation with the guidelines given by ScholarDen's mentors. The GRE was very helpful in this regard. It helped me to connect with different people who were at the same stage and with those who have already taken GRE. So this group not only helped me in preparation but it was also a source of motivation because everyone was so helping.

The key to GRE preparation is to practice, practice and practice. Everyone can score good, what you need is dedication and smart work. The total time for preparation depends on your education background and the time you spend for GRE prep daily. Normally, it should range from 1month at least to a maximum of 6months of dedicated preparation. The most important sources for GRE prep are ETS and Scholar Den. The books and stuff which helped me in my preparation are:

The Scholar Den not only helps you with GRE preparation but with each and every step till you reach your goal. It has pathways and mentors for almost everything: starting from GRE preparation, books, guides to get the high scores, SOPs and LORs, selection of universities, writing emails, and writing a research proposal.