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GRE Quant - (163 out of 170)


* This guide is only for the Quant Section of the General GRE test

* This guide is particularly suitable for those who already have a good background in mathematics - engineering/science majors, for example.

Random Stuff:

* In case anyone is wondering, my GRE Quant is 163.

* Also read other guides, and see which one suits you the best.

* Based on my experience applying to the Engineering programs in the US, a Quant score of 160 is good, 165 is excellent and 167 is extraordinary. You can also shoot for a perfect 170, but I don't think it would make much of a difference towards your chances of being admitted. After you cross 165, each increment starts to mean less and less.

* You can check the average GRE scores for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering at [A], [B] and [C], respectively. But take these scores with a grain of salt - they are 'average scores' after all.
Note: [A] and [B] do not mention whether the scores are for MS or Ph.D., though I *think* they are for MS (since [C] is for MS).


Guide (based on how I prepared):

A - Take two or three untimed paper-based practice tests from [1] in order to identify the topics you are weak at. I would recommend not taking a computerized test at this stage. You should save them for later.

B - Once you have identified the topics you are weak at, study them thoroughly using [1] and [2]. Furthermore, solve as many practice questions as you can from [3].

C - Take one or two timed paper-based tests from [1]. See how you perform on the sections you identified as weak earlier. In addition, take note of the topics that you believe require improved time-management.

D - Based on the results of step 3, study the relevant topics from [2]. In addition to [2], you can use youtube videos to learn tricks/strategies to improve your time-management skills. Furthermore, solve as many questions from [3] as you can

E - It's time to take the PowerPrep Test 1. I would recommend saving the second test for later.

F - Take other mock tests

G - Take the second PowerPrep test. While taking this test, and, of course, the tests mentioned above, keep an eye out for the topics that give you a tough time, and study them thoroughly from an authentic GRE prep book/online resource.



[1] The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

[2] Scholar Den

[3] ETS Official computer-based practice test - GRE PowerPrep

[4] Manhattan Practice Test