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GRE 334 - Abdul Basit

Hey everyone, Verbal:- 165 Quant:- 169 AWA:- 4.5 I would like to acknowledge the help provided by Scholar Den during my preparation, and the moral support and resources they offered. I graduated from NUST in EE in 2016 and immediately got a job in K-Electric. I finally decided to apply abroad last year and go study in Europe, so that I could later return to Pakistan and help set up quality research facilities there. I gave my IELTS last year and got an 8.0, and realized I had to give my GRE for different universities last month. I used all the resources of Scholar Den, where interesting questions that were very interesting. I had a hectic schedule balancing my work and studying for the GRE, but I prepared on the weekends, and also prepared whenever I had free time. I gave the practice tests and solved most of the questions. Other than this, I performed all the available mock tests online to prepare for this. I figured that my main issue was a slightly lower verbal score of around 160. I realized my main mistakes were either words that were rarely used or in the longer comprehension passages. For these reasons, I mainly focused on these during my preparation during the month. I knew that with my Engineering background, I should easily get a good score in the Quantitative section. I also watched the Scholar Den videos for every question in the practice test, even for those which I got right, specifically to understand what procedure should lead to the right answer. I am a bit disappointed in my AWA score, since I could have gotten more, had I properly prepared for it. However, it's still an okay score for me on that side. Mostly, I'd like to thank Scholar Den for providing me with the self-belief needed to actually give the test and apply to different institutions and follow my dream of getting a Master's degree from a good Institute. Thank you Scholar Den.

I want to add one last thing on what I sent in: I want to say one thing to people who feel that giving GRE is too difficult or applying abroad is extremely hard. Many feel that their English is too weak to send Emails or to give IELTS or GRE. I just want to say that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible and that we are capable of almost anything, and should look at this as a challenge instead of as a hurdle.