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GRE Success Story - 322

  • Score: 322 (161 V, 161 Q)

  • Time of preparation:2.5 months

  • Time dedicated per week:1-2 hours on weekdays after office hours, 5-6 hours on weekends


I completed 650-700 words from different articles. On test day around 80% of the words were from these words. I started doing vocabulary from Day 1, used to learn words while commuting, during breaks, etc. After around 1.5 months my vocabulary was in a good state. The main challenge for me was Reading Comprehension. I attempted doing it for the first time around 3 weeks before the exam, and it turned out to be a mistake, I would recommend doing 1-2 reading comprehension per day so as to develop the stamina and train your brain to capture elusive concepts. The challenge in reading comprehension is not to understand it, but to understand it within the time constraints. The only thing that can make it better is practice.


Dedicate 45 minutes every day to verbal, 30 mins for vocabulary and 15 minutes for reading comprehension. Start doing it as early as possible.


 I did all the practice questions from ETS which is also a short book. One can easily complete the quantitative book of ETS in one weekend.

The main challenge for me in the quantitative portion was quantitative comparisons, so in the last days, I did quantitative comparisons. Overall, the maths questions aren’t that difficult, but within time constraints, one tends to do silly mistakes that lose the overall marks.


Give mocks tests to practice timing. Your scores on the test day are close to what you get on the mocks, if you are uncomfortable with your mock scores, delay your exam