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How to get 329 in the GRE?

I started my prep on 1st January, with my test scheduled for 18th January. I did Scholar Den, ETS General Guide, and the ETS Math & Verbal Guides. 

On the 17th of January, I was told that my GRE was rescheduled due to test center issues. So I rescheduled it for the 2nd of February.

Then, for reasons I am still unaware of, I procrastinated for around 5 days. Then 2 days before my actual test, I took at a test in the evening after a very long and tiring day (intentionally), and managed a 323 despite barely focusing on the verbal sections. I felt I was weaker in Math, so I focused on that.

A day before the test itself, I went through the AWL.

On test day, I felt most comfortable dealing with Verbal despite not having prepped much for it. In Quant, the questions were surprisingly a LOT more difficult than I had expected. I saw myself skipping questions in Quant and coming back to them later. So even though I had studied a lot for Quant, and had done relatively nothing for Verbal, I still ended up doing poorly in Quant. I left the test center feeling I could have done a lot better in Math and ended up with a 335, but I think my lack of practice caught up to me.

My Recommendations:

Please study a fair bit for the GRE if you don't have a solid base. Spend at least a couple of months on it.

Do NOT be complacent regarding the Math. It is difficult. Practice a fair bit, and then practice some more after that.

As for the vocab I encountered on the test, most of it was due to either my own experience with the English language or I had to resort to the process of elimination through which I scraped through questions. I do not think to memorize 4000 words, for example, will help. It's more about your familiarity with English, and understanding the relationship between words.

I was especially caught off guard when I found out at the test center that I couldn't eat during the test (excluding the breaks). I've had a habit of eating DURING exams (since my A level days), so this lack of an energy boost had a massive negative impact on my score, I think. So: make sure you acquaint yourself with test-taking which doesn't involve a constant consumption of food/water. It might seem trivial, but trust me, it has an impact.