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GRE 326

V: 162, Q: 164, AWA: 4.5

When you’re working six days a week and 9 hours everyday, it can get very difficult to take out the time to get anything done for yourself let alone take out the time to study for something with a schedule. So I decided to pace myself and spread out the syllabus over a long period of time. I had to be very realistic about the time I had and how I could allocate that over the various GRE modules.

I consulted Scholar Den and the ETS OG guides. I took that syllabus and spread it out over the schedule I had made for myself. I also kept buffer days in case I had to stay late at work and was unable to stick to my schedule. 

After I was finished with the OG, I didn’t feel confident enough. With my average GPA, I wanted a GRE score of 320+. My initial diagnostic showed 315 and by the end of my preparation, I was hitting 320-322 consistently. But this was too close to my target, so I started practicing Scholar Den as well. Only when I started hitting 324+ did I feel confident enough.

The aldaily reading was a very good resource for me in addition to the guides mentioned above. The key is to not overwhelm yourself. Give yourself a realistic target. You will improve and you will succeed.

On test day, have a good breakfast. Don’t drink coffee (your energy will drop after 2-3 hours ). Keep yourself hydrated and stay confident. This won't be the end of the world. There really is no set way since everyone has their own way of studying. So have faith in your own ways even if they don’t match anyone else. I had a very different way of studying for the GRE from my peers and it was easy to start thinking that maybe I am doing everything wrong, but stay focused. You will pull through.