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GRE 323

Duration: August – December (5 months, about 1-2 hours each day, 4-5 days a week)

Actual Score: 323(158V, 165Q, 4AWA)

Study Material:

For Verbal:

1.      Scholar Den 

2.      LSAT

3.      ETS GRE Official Verbal

4. American Articles

For Quant:

1.      Scholar Den (Practice Questions)

2.      ETS GRE Official Quant

3.    Scholar Den (for general discussions and sharing problems)

Mock Scores:

 mock results

Mistakes made:

1.      Didn’t take GRE Diagnostic test in start

2.      Didn’t maintain any error log 


For Verbal:

1.      To improve your grip on RC, TC, SE questions, the only way is to read daily from Economist, National Geographic Magazine, TIME, The Atlantic Magazine

2.      Use mnemonics to remember vocab meaning if you are having difficulty remembering word meaning and context.

3.      To practice TC/SE questions, I would suggest Scholar Den

For Quant:

1.      Maintain an Error log and revise it before every practice session

2.      Pay special attention to your mistakes and review the related content if you have any doubt in any concept

3.      Save the last 5 minutes in quant section to review your answers. If you happen to make silly mistakes, then this is the best strategy to improve your quant score.

4.      Write and solve the question on scratch paper very clearly so that you can go back when reviewing

5.      Apply the low-hanging fruit principle. Leave any question if it is taking more than 40 seconds to understand it

For AWA:

1.      While attempting mocks, don’t skip AWA sections

2.      Make a list of words that you will use in your AWA essays. (Like claim, recommendation, unpersuasive, weak evidence, bolster, survey etc.)


1.      During prep, if you are feeling stressed or burdened, feel free to take 1-2 days’ break and chill out

2.      Practice consistently

3.      Read the experiences of past test takers

4.      Know that preparing GRE takes time which is different for each student. Don’t compare your prep to other student’s prep or score.

5.      Review your mocks

6.      Before actual test, I would suggest to go to ETS Test Facility and give a mock there to accustom yourself to test environment and formulates

7.      Take proper care of your health.

8.      If you are unsure about prep material, do talk to ScholarDen mentors. They will guide you. Don’t choose any prep material on your own.

9.      Constantly seek advice from mentors. This will help you to keep going especially if you aim to give GRE after 2-3 months.