GRE 316


 I scored 316 on the GRE today. My breakdown was as such: 153 in verbal and 163 in quantitative. There were multiple strategies I adopted. I’ll start from verbal then quantitative and things you should do each day and just before the test about the test day at the end. I prepared one month since I was short on time.

Okay so, if you’re from a technical background which doesn’t involve studying high level English or your reading is not that good or habitual, you’d pretty struggle from the start – just like me. I started when I downloaded the Magoosh Vocab flashcards app from the playstore or the AppStore on my mobile. First and foremost thing to realize is that you aren’t good in verbal even if you’re good at public speaking or such. GRE’s verbal section tests on you the understanding of words and cramming the words wouldn’t help. I did 50 words each day and made sure to revise each day. I remembered almost 900 words from the app and kept them revising every day. Also, as I said you have to know the words in context, so make sure you can make a sentence from each word you remember. You’ll see that as you begin to ‘feel’ or begin to understand the words, you’ll start getting some questions right. Furthermore, make it a habit to read an article a day from That’s what I did. I practiced RC questions from various sources though.

Quantitative section, for me, having an engineering background was easy. I did almost 10 questions each from the sets made on the website . I Saw what shortcomings I had and tried to work on them.

Of all the mocks I have had, ETS powerprep are the most realistic and closest representation. I had 311(151V, 161Q) and 315(152V, 163Q) in mock scores.

On the things you should do each day

  • 50 new words + old ones

  • Read an article of your interest from the website(given). They’re not boring

  • Practice 10 verbal questions

  • Practice atleast 2 RCs

  • Practice sets of 10 or 20 Math questions.

On the test day, the most important thing is to keep your composure. Believe me when I say this – they video and audio tape you, they see your each move. Yes, it does get to you. It feels like a prisoner when they tell to make your pockets inside out: both back and front. They check your ankles, your glasses. Yo should know this beforehand, so that this gets to you minimally. The camera just in front of your seat really creeps you out but just try to ignore it. Otherwise just enjoy the test. The more worry you take, the more are the chances of you screwing up.

Good luck for your test! May the force be with you.