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GRE 315 - Nazar Abbas


GRE consists on three portions

  • Quantitative

  • Verbal

  • Analytical Writing

Books that you need to follow are:

  • Barron’s

  • Manhattan 5lb

  • ETS guide

  • ETS guide for quantitative reasoning

  • NOVA

  • Magoosh

Lets discuss these books one by one:

Barron’s: Learn all the rules and tricks, practice all question as many times as you can. (But make sure when you come back to a question or a exercise second time you should have gap of 25 to 30 days so that you do not remember that question, if you don’t get this point let me know I ll elaborate)

Barron’s is just starter. And will not take more than ten days to complete quantitative section.

Magoosh: If you have Magoosh account, go through all quant lessons quickly, and make notes of those tricks and techniques that you haven’t learned from Barron’s. Leave practice question at this time. We will get back to them.

Now you are ready to practice the most and the best book to follow for GRE quant section, Manhattan 5lb.

Manhattan 5 lb:

Practice Manhattan 5lb quant section as much as you can, practice 5lb at least 2 to 3 three times. Again make sure when you solve a question second time – you had a gap of 30 days.


Nova is worst book to follow for GRE, but it has some good advance quantitative comparison questions, and they worth practice.

Now you are set to practice Magoosh quant questions.

Set the timer as follows: 20 question for 35 minutes.

Always try to read Magoosh blogs, they are very helpful, here is one example.

Magoosh quant question are not difficult enough as compared to Manhattan 5lb. Your basic purpose to practice Magoosh quant is to tune our brain to work under time limit and most important is to know what kind of careless mistakes, and how many careless mistakes you are committing in one session of 20 questions.

NOTE: If you can get rid of your careless mistakes, you can improve 5 to 6 marks on GRE.

I hope this was helpful.

This is how I studied for GRE quant and I forward this note to everybody who seeks help from me.

I used to be active in some groups. I will get back in rhythm and shall participate in GRE Prep Scholar Den Facebook Page with full vigor.