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GRE 303 to 322 Journey Shahrukh Kasi


I started my preparation for GRE previous year and followed Manhattan 8 sets, Manhattan 5lb, ETS Quant/Verbal books and 500 vocab from Memrise (mobile application) collection of Barron’s vocab list. I also took classes from USEFP, the same institute that conducts GRE in Pakistan.

However, my experience was very bad and I figuratively wasted my time and money on the USEFP GRE classes because it only focused on the basic formulas which I already knew. I took two ETS mock tests in which I scored 303 and 304. My real GRE score was 305 (Q: 159, V: 146). After scoring low on GRE, I took a year gap.

During this gap year time, I read the articles of some authors in DAWN newspaper that uses complex sentence structure such as Nadeem Paracha and Cyril Almeida. Although, reading DAWN newspaper is not recommended for GRE preparation, but this is what helped me to discern complex structure sentences.

This year, when I started preparation for GRE I brought premium subscription from Magoosh and solved 20 Quant questions every day. For verbal, I read weekly editions of The Economist US version and also memorized 20 words each day from Magoosh GRE vocab mobile application in three/four days of every week. When I exhausted the Quant questions of Magoosh I took one of the mock tests of Manhattan and scored 317 (Q: 161, V: 156), after which I registered for the test and took Manhattan mock tests on every weekend. My scores in the mocks were 317 (Q: 161, V: 156), 314 (Q: 159, V: 155), 316 (Q: 159, V: 157), 314 (Q: 158, V: 156) and 319 (Q: 163, V: 156).

I was scoring low on Quant section in the mock tests and on the recommendation of Scholar Den Founder, I solved questions from ETS Quant second edition in the last week before GRE and it really helped in understanding some trickier Quant questions. Three days prior to GRE, I didn’t solve any questions set but merely focused on revising my Quant concepts from GMAT Math Flashcards mobile application of Magoosh. I would strongly suggest using this application for Quant concepts because it’s the most comprehensive list to revise all Quant concepts and formulas. One day prior to the GRE exam, I spent most of the time with friends and tried to relax as much as I could.


Best of Luck!