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GRE 319 - Ahsan Khalid

I took my GRE on 22 Sept 2016 and got 319 (Q162/V157)

First thing first! ScholarDen GRE Facebook groups helped me a lot. A got a lot of material information and motivation from this group. Faisal bhai is doing a great job, keeping people motivated and directed. Also thanks to all the people who helped assemble the statistics. In my opinion, GRE official guides should be the main starting point for everyone.

Verbal Section:

For the Verbal section, try to get used to reading off a computer screen and try developing a habit of reading things critically with insight. Those people who read articles novels and stuff excel in this section. Try to solve 2-3 RCs and CRs and mold your reading techniques according to the GRE requirement. I did words from Barron's 1100 app. But these words are hard to grasp if you do not revise or use them in everyday life. Try this using them too. You'll be just fine.

Quant Section:

As I am from engineering, my basics were already covered but I had to cover some topics. GRE official guides. Mark those questions you did wrong and make sure you do not make the same mistake twice. Inshah Allah, you'll be fine. And lastly, DON'T PANIC. GRE can be stressful and can be mentally tiring. Try taking mocks for a full 4 hours and do so 9-10 times in order to fully prepare your brain. My first math section went well but then in the 2nd one in the panicked cause of bad time management. Try establishing this skill too.

That's it. Just believe in yourself. GRE is not difficult. It is not an alien knowledge-based test. It tests your basic understanding and sharpness that’s it.

May Allah help you all.


Best of luck!