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Summer Sister - Social Enterpreurship


Last year helped me to shape my confidence and potential. It taught me that I can do so much more than I ever thought I could and to dream without fear.

Last year I applied for summer sister exchange program and when I received the letter I couldn’t believe that I was selected for George Washington University. I come from a family of strong, passionate women so it wasn’t that tough of a decision to fly across the oceans to a foreign land, to experience a new culture, to live among new people.

Since early age I was taught to be independent, to have a voice of my own, to stand up for myself. And this program just made my ethics impregnable.

I was selected for social change and leadership course and in just two weeks it had enhanced my ability to think about my community’s betterment. This course has taught me the true meaning of entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship requires you to deeply understand people or issues you seek to change and recognize the stable but unjust equilibrium which prevails in our community.

The best part of exchange program is not just the knowledge you gained or people you met but how it makes you an advantageous citizen after coming back to your homeland. How unknowingly you start to see the issues of the community and their solutions. The need for people to stand up for themselves and to contribute to the society.

After coming back, I wanted to do something for my people. Therefore, I, with the help of I Earn Pakistan and many amazing people arranged a workshop “hand in hand” in girls public school, in which we taught them the need to become a phenomenal human being firstly for yourself and then for this world.

Like my professor once said “we are who we have been waiting for”