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Sheran Khan

I was a blank slate because whatever teachers taught me from the books was just to get the certification that I am an educated citizen. Doing Higher Secondary Education from Balochistan I was lucky to move for higher Education to Lahore. I got admission in Forman Christian College where it took 2 years to adjust me in a totally new Education system. I got failed in few courses and switched 3 Majors just because I am not able to merge myself in Liberal Arts System. Through counseling with Psychologist, I was able to ask questions during lectures. There was zero confidence of mine because I came from a place where questioning from elders is against the Cultural norms. I started fighting myself and left sports just because to study more.

When parents ask about my grades, an aggressive kind of behavior was done because I was not getting high grades. The typical statement I heard every time!

“You eat a lot, you wear good, you eat fruits every night, we invested a lot on you then why are your grades are low then the rest of your classmates

But my parents never know that the Education system is totally new for me and I am not adjusted in the system. The only wish at that time I have that I wish my parents know how hard is every second for me spending in Lahore. I was feeling inferior to other and always question myself that I will work on my weaknesses and will use my weaknesses as my armor. This went the same, at the 3rd year I chose Education as my Major subject because there was something that was dragging me every time and I was literally enjoying every class of Education. Soon I realized the difference between the Education Department and rest of faculty members and Teachers of Education Department was like, I became a diehard fan. The classes in which I got “F” Grade become A- and B+. That was the turning point in my life and I found the worth of myself. I joined extra-curricular activities and become part of inside campus societies. These activities enhanced my capacity, confidence, passion to work for the community. I expanded my network outside campus and fused in various National and International Non-profit organizations and unlocked different opportunities. During the Graduation ceremony, University Administration honored me with Service Award because of my efforts. After coming back to Balochistan, not a single Organization was ready to offer a position for me. I never quitted and started my work as an Internee with Balochistan Rural Support Programme and spend 2 months. I got a job there and now working in Malaria and Education Projects.

I was not satisfied because I was doing nothing for the community and that motivated me to start my own organization. I led the Global Youth Network for Education and Peace through I started first International Project Global Peace Corps in 9 different Countries. The theme of the Project was to Prevent Violence Extremism in WAR effected and low economic countries. This was the pilot Project and was successfully executed. For the reason that I am working against Extremism and radicalized societies, I got selected for Emerging Leaders of Pakistan 2016, a project of Atlantic Council funded by State Department. Currently, I initiated another Project “Scholarship News” in 4 various Universities of Balochistan through which Global Scholarship, exchange Opportunities will be shared with them via the platform of DEWA Foundation. The target is to inform every single student of Balochistan so that they can pursue Higher Education from International University and after coming back to serve their country. The motivation for this Project, when I was studying at Forman Christian College, there was no one who could guide me to apply for Global UGRAD-Pakistan. It was my dream to study in the United States but I failed to apply. Having said so, I decided that what if I didn’t apply, I can inform others about this opportunity so that they can apply and then Scholarship News Project designed.

I had a dream to work for community entire life and whenever I feel low, I remind the things that went in my life and then I stand-up again that I will not let anyone be spend like mine.        

The reason of sharing all, I request every parent, “Do not ruin kid’s life”. It's his/her life, they should make their decision, do not impose your dreams over your kid’s future. Otherwise, the consequences will be bad as they are not studying their interest.