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Ugrad - Rimsha Afaq


Recently Graduated in Business administration Honors.

I have never been by profession into social work as I am a student by profession, but I do contribute and participated in different social works and actively participated in different curricular activities. I consider social work a responsibility, not a duty.

While in the USA, a TV show called ebony small invite me to give me an interview regarding my first international experience where I talked about discrimination and racism and also share the pro n cons I personally experience being a brown girl. The interview also gets on air on FM and after that, the college faculty starts working on minimizing the racism.

I also present Pakistani culture on a cultural Table day where I apply henna on American and interact with them and encourage them to be more welcoming towards international students.

I have not joined any NGO or organization to work socially but wherever I got a chance to participate and to stand for women rights and women education, I volunteered for such activities. I have also participated in Spring Festival conducted in the University of Balochistan where I volunteered in Red Cross Collecting blood for needy people in the hospital. I also participated in different entrepreneur Business plan conducted in Buitems University along with my fellow friends where we display handmade products and also present the idea of recycling different products to make it useful. Eventually, I along with my fellow friends collect funds and distributed it among the needy people so they can also get an enjoyable sense of different Muslim festival.

I also went to different places where I encourage and motivates women to study and share my own international experience in order to create a sense in them to avail opportunities for the betterment of oneself and for the betterment of Balochistan.

Once I visited a small school, where they give the education to disable people and also keep pregnant ladies who have been thrown out of their houses. I really wanted to help those women and child wanted to learn but due to lack of resources and facilities, they are suffering from different problems.

For me, social work is a responsibility for which everyone is accountable to answer. I am looking forward to expanding my work in the field of social work.