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Ugrad - Muhammad Abdullah


This all started with just a phone call from elder brother to apply for US scholarship and I was like sure to not to get it but just to save myself from embarrassment upon being questioned, later on, I took the step forward. Not even knowing what a Personal Statement looks like, I had to go through a lot of struggle before getting it written and refined. Requesting teachers to write letters of recommendations and not getting compiled by didn’t stop me from applying to the Global Undergraduate Cultural Exchange Program at second last day. It was like penning down your wish and putting under your pillow and then forget about it.

But this is His almighty’s great graciousness upon his men that bring those far forgotten written dreams, turned into reality, in front of you and then I got an interview call from out of nowhere. Amazed and wondered I confirmed the date of the interview while forgetting about my mid-term exams :D. The motivation that I got from interview call was enough to make me put all my efforts for its preparation. The panel seemed out to be so cool that they made me feel comfortable in the first few minutes as I was so much confusion and about to lose consciously, might be. I felt completely thankful to His supremacy and was certain about my selection while stepping out of the room.

The weeks went by, full of prayers, and the holy day finally ended up receiving a congratulatory email. It was Eid days when I was desperately waiting for my VISA status to be turned to ISSUED while other fellows had even received their itineraries and in a week I was taking off without even doing shopping stuff.

The story doesn’t end when you reach there, rather it actually starts with lots of burden on your shoulders. The burden of responsibilities of maintaining excellent character of yourself and hence in turn portraying good and real peaceful pictures of Pakistan and Islam and you’re supposed to do that efficiently along with acing your grades, traveling around the states, enjoying cultures n foods varieties and making national as well as international friends and I am contented, I did almost everything other than the first one :D .

Best of Luck to the new grantees and prospective students. A humble piece of advice is to be clear, specific consistent in your goal of life filled with humanity and sincerity.