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UGrad - Iqra Abbasi


Very rare one could now think of students of Baluchistan as deprived nation and citizens. There are several stories of people that account commitment with their country and passion with their works. In particular, I'm glad that my work in the field of Architecture now lists among those inspiring stories, which are designing a space at the intersection of Volga’s Second Street and Kasan Avenue of United States of America. 

Hitting from a local school and college of Quetta and grounding on BUITEMS for graduation studies ( B. Architecture) led me to avail the opportunity to be the alumnus of Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. The assignment of creating the spatial model of Volga Town during studying at South Dakota University the US was quite challenging indeed but my hands-on method approach stood me out for creating the design. Initially, I had a tough time with the project because my classmates were trying to replicate a building in the town while I thought to be more creative with something novel. Then I came up with the design that is a series of four Vs connected. The structure will be 14-feet high. The base of the Vs is extended on both sides so people can sit or lean on them. The Design got much of the fortunes from the Architecture 351 Building Collaborations Studio and got selected to be sited in 2017. Now I have left an impressive mark, an Actual Physical Mark by a Pakistani Girl form BUITEMS Quetta. The story has been featured in the web portal of University and a popular Magazine “REGISTER” by The Brookings USA.