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UGrad- Hamayun Akhtar


I am an electrical engineering graduate from NUST. I applied for the Global UGRAD Exchange Program in 2014 and was shortlisted for the Fall 2015 semester at Murray State University in Kentucky. I came to know about this program through my friends on social media and then I thought of giving it a try considering the perks of this program. Applying for this exchange program is pretty much simple. The whole application process is web-based. All the required information and documents are uploaded online. The most important factors that matter for selection in this program (according to me) are your GPA and Personal Statement. If you have a good GPA, your chances of selection are higher than the one who has lesser GPA than you. But GPA is not all that matters; there are other things too. If your personal statement is good and you have a good extracurricular record then it sure can hide the GPA factor. The strategy I used in completing my application form was talking to different friends and seniors who were already part of the UGRAD program and taking their guidance. It helped me a lot. I came to know my strengths and weaknesses, and what areas I need to work on to make my application stronger. More or less, it gave me a complete idea of how to write a personal statement and fill every section of the application form. If your application meets USEFP selection criteria, you will be called for a personal interview at USEFP office, which is hardly a 10-minute brief interview. The reason for this interview is just to meet the candidate in person and check their motivation towards this exchange program, but that's all after getting shortlisting.

My advice to all those undergraduate students who want to apply for UGRAD would be to do your best in academics and extracurricular (too). Try to get an idea of how to write a good personal statement because it will help you a lot when you are applying.