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Fulbright Scholarship - Masters - Mechanical Engineering

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Muhammad Abdullah


CGPA: 3.23

TOEFL: 91 (100 later)

GRE: 308, Q 163

(I have mentioned my profile to avoid answering this to many. But believe me, if you could, don’t make other’s profiles your standards. Don’t let them define you and decide your future)

A dream dreamt for others, is worth achieving it. So is the journey of my Fulbright. Having a foreign quality education was my father’s dream and I prayed only for his dream to become true andfortuitously, I was heard.

Knowing your destination makes the way towards it more easier and opens ample of opportunities. So happened with me, as I struggled to bring awareness about US scholarships in my university and was awarded with a free GRE Voucher. I did try to do all I could in those 2 weeks of my prep. Scoring HIGH enough was a desire so that I could secure some funding from university on direct admission, but trusting in Him and saying thanks to what I scored was the best thing I did. The unwanted score didn’t pull me back on applying to Fulbright and I remember not sleeping the last night to write the Research Objective and then missing all my classes on that day to reach USEFP in time and submit my application at eleventh hour; all I could do from my side.

I believe in putting our sincere efforts and leaving the results onto Him and I thank the almighty to never leave me disappointed. Then the day came when the lucky number of USEFP flashed on my screen; an interview call. There’s then little much left to worry about and it all goes smooth afterwards but with an anxious wait.

Loads of prayers went on until I came to know about my admission and placement in one of the best, renowned and dream university, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Portraying yourself in the best way is the key point (Fulbright as well as Direct admission)

Target universities that best align with your work (both previous and future or at least one of these)

This is how it works. Give your universities what they demand (dig into their ongoing research work)

Do this and universities will hear you whether you score low in either of the test and/or CGPA.