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PhD Success Story - Social Sciences - Umer Hussain


I am Umer Hussain from a small town of Gilgit Baltistan, having a humble family background was my prime challenge when it comes to pursuing my educational goals. I did my bachelors (CGPA 3.69/4.00) and Masters (3.77/4.00) from COMSATS Islamabad. During my masters, I was full time employed and now have five years of developmental sector experience. I completed my masters in 2016 fall and from that point onwards I had only one dream that was to do Ph.D. from a top university, to accomplish my goal in 2017 I gave IELTS and scored 7.5 bands. I got admission in 2017 fall in two universities in the UK and one in Malaysia but without funding. So, I realized that to get funding I need to have a very strong SOP and have to give GRE, in my first attempt of GRE I scored 306 at that time I was working at NUST and I realized that this score will not be enough to get into top schools of the world. Therefore, I resigned from NUST where I was doing BPS-17 grade job and started to study for GRE, as having weak mathematical base was my major challenge, so I started to study for around from 16-18 hours per day for two months, I am really thankful to Scholar Den group through which I got various material, but the mantra I used for getting high score was Magoosh premium account, Manhattan 5 Mocks, ETS 4 Mocks and Membean 

During the process of studying for GRE, I gave various HEC test and was able to score very high on them, consequently with the support of almighty I have currently been selected for 4 HEC funding opportunities which include acceptance in universities in Belgium, UK, and Malaysia. With all of this, I was applying at various universities across the globe and got admission in three universities in Australia as well. From November 2017 onwards I started to apply in the USA for the first step I contacted the professors with my research proposal and within a short span of time around 8 professors from various universities showed interest in my profile. After a very lengthy process and hard work, I have been able to secure full funding from Texas A&M University, which is one of the top most university of USA. They are sponsoring from my ticket to living and even paying me extra, currently, I am going through my visa process and hope to get it soon. Also, I have made plan B and plan C through HEC If I am not able to anyhow land into the USA.  After all the admission process completion I again started working and currently employed at American Refugee Committee.

So, my advice to every one of you is to follow your dream and never give up, If I can you can also do it, but getting PHD funding is certainly not easy you have to work hard and be patient as good things happen with those who believe that they can change their lives and circumstances. I remember the days when I have to sleep without food but I knew somewhere that I have been born to live forever and I believe I will end my story of life with the Nobel Award in my field.

Never Give Up!


  • Masters 3.77

  • Bachelors 3.69

  • Publications 3

  • 5 years of Developmental Sector Experience

  • Two Cultural Exchange program to Nepal and Sri Lanka