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Summer Sister Exchange Program


The U.S SUMMER SISTERS EXCHANGE PROGRAM 2017, and the application was quite tough for a moment because I had to pen down a whole me in my application but enough passionate for an exchange experience.

I went through the criteria and the documentation which I am explaining here who are interested to apply:


  • Only female students, who are currently enrolled in High School/ College i.e. of 10, 11, 12, 13 grades can apply.

  • You should be aged between 15 to 18 years before June 1st, 2018 because this a summer seasoned exchange program.

  • You must have brilliant academics for you must have gained at least 70% in all subjects during the past three years.

  • You must have an excellent oral and written English Language Skill.

  • You should be coming from families with moderate to low income.

  • Only Pakistani citizens, and holding only Pakistani nationality can apply.

  • You must tend to apply and secure a passport or already possess one which is valid for minimum one year.

  • You need enough confidence and agreement to travel, learn and return from United States independently.

  • Most importantly, you have to complete your application with all required documents.


  • NADRA authorized Birth Certificate or B-Form.

  • Copies of your mark sheets of last three years(2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17)

  • At least one reference letter from someone in your school or college who can attest and declare your qualifications in the program. You can include another reference letter from a community member who knows you well.

  • Your best responses to the five short questions and one essay question. These questions will describe who you are and the reason to your selection for the program.

  • You can submit hand written answers of the asked short questions and the essay.

So, I was confidently eligible for the program, but I decided to write my essay in the best way I can and it was somewhat describing myself. I sent my application with all the required documents some days before the deadline to resist any hurdle.

The story of my journey covers following tracks:

  • And I remember the cold of December and beginning of January. On those days, I had exams of Matric at school and was preparing for PHYSICS paper. Uh, my best subject ever. I received a call for a skype-interview which was the first step towards my selection for the program or may be a rejection response, but I decided to give my best at every stage till I get selected. We had a family function that day, too; however, I stayed home alone for my interview.

  • After a couple of week, I got an email and a selection letter through mail post for the interview and test at Karachi. On the other hand, after seven years, by the grace of Allah, there was a blessing of rainfall at Quetta but a trouble to travel. I couldn’t excuse, too. And I told my father, “I don’t want to quit. If a problem has raised, there must be a solution also.” He inquired for way out to this issue but couldn’t find one. I felt, I need to think once more and through the support of U.S SUMMER SISTERS EXCHANGE PROGRAM, I was called for the interview the next week.

  • I went through a written test and interview where we were provided an online handbook for preparation before the test. Till now, I had learnt that if you are truly passionate and determined to gain a treasure, you will approach that undoubtedly. You need no fear to face people, challenges, the routes to succeed but fear to failure. I was determined not to fail in any of the task, I would be assigned. I cleared that written test, too

  • I received an acceptance letter to study a Pre- College Summer Program at Washington University in St. Louis on a fully funded scholarship on behalf of the U.S SUMMER SISTERS EXCHANGE PROGRAM.

  • I was asked for the Visa Interview at Karachi for which I had to fill the VISA APPLICAION FORM. The coming next week, I had my board exams. I returned Quetta, coping with exams in complete preparation.

  • After approval of my U.S visa, we were asked to give our attendance for the PDO-2017 at Karachi. I attended the Pre-Departure Orientation where we were guided for our travels to U.S.

  • I was thrilled to know my Board Exam marks on June 16th, 2017 along with scholarship to U.S on July 16th, 2017.

I was encouraged to exhibit my ideas in the most effective ways and express myself for maximum impact during my summer course at my respective university. I felt glad to present myself as a young ambassador for my country and all apart, this single opportunity has opened several routes towards my thoughtful succeeding stairs and that the key transferable skills needed in many proficient settings include teamwork, time management, and leadership.

I really appreciate the tremendous amount of efforts given away from U.S Summer Sisters Exchange Program in sending all the SS alumnae to abroad for some difference. Also, it would be unfair not to acknowledge and remark the support I have received from my family which kept me motivated throughout the journey, directly or indirectly.


I embolden all the young female leaders and learners to go for the program as I am devoting several hours to write my story plus let it reach to you for I find you vital enough to grow a difference, too. You guys can be proved the dilemma, designed for a positive change to our rising country where it needs each of us acting as a young leader but with the determination and believe that 99% of every sort of successful agent around the globe required a lot more time to win. So, do we!