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PhD Success Story - Mining Engineering


Ata ul Rathore


  • 304 GRE

  • 92 Toefl

  • 3.575 out of 4 Masters

  • 3.477 out of Bachelors

Admission: PhD Mining Engineering with specialization in surface mining

I did my bachelors in mining engineering from UET Lahore in 2013. Immediately I applied for admission in university of British Colombia Canada, and Sheridan on self-finance but couldn't get the visa. Parallel to that I got job as trainee engineer in DG Khan Cement Company and worked there for exact 1 year. After than I appeared in PPSC and secured 1st position and got job as Assistant Director Mines &Minerals. Mines& Minerals Department got me enrolled in masters/MPhil in mining engineering at UET Lahore. Along with that I applied for 2 different programs in Germany (due to free education) and got admission in both. I selected "Advanced Mineral Resource Development Program" it is a great program with all 4 semesters in top 4 universities of Europe in mining. Just before I was about to apply for visa I was told that as my first semester is in Austria so I must apply at Austrian embassy and when I went there I was told that I have to get my documents attested by Austrian Embassy it was a cumbersome task and before I could get my documents legalized my classes were started and I ended up getting my admission deferred to next year. It was disappointing and demoralizing. Still I kept on with my masters and the same month August 2015, my teacher doing PhD in USA called me and asked if I am interested in getting admission in masters with assistance-ship which I agreed. I was told to appear for gre immediately and I took with August date for GRE. While playing football on 16th August 2015 I twisted my knee and ended up breaking meniscus bones and ligament. Still went for GRE on crutches and painkillers injected scoring 302. Applied for my course they required minimum of 155 in Quantitative section and I scored 159. I couldn't get admission due to low essay score of 2.5. I kept on working passionately at job as well and after 1 year I was appointed as Section Officer in Mines & Minerals Department.

In 2016 I came to know about Scholar Den Facebook page and then I started watching posts and people achieving good stuff based on consistency and perseverance. I applied for FBS in 2016 and succeeded in getting to interview stage. I saw many people being praised for direct admission and findings so kept on trying different advisors. I requested my professor's in USA for an appropriate research slot. Meanwhile I completed my masters in mining engineering in flying colors I was told by my professor studying in USA that a slot might be available with Mr X. So along with regular emails I emailed him. His area of research totally overlaps with my area of research in bachelors and masters along with job experience. He said on 28th March, 2017 that get 3.5 in essay and I will see. I appeared on 13th April and result on 26th April was showing 3.5. I was told to apply for admission.

Got GRA offer on 5th May. Admission acceptance email on 11th of May got my I20 on 19th with mistake in name. Requested another copy with correction. Got it on 21st via FedEx. Applied for visa interview on the Blue slip. Collected my passport on 30th May. Booked my flight on 2nd June.

Went to USA on11th June to Saint Louis.

Lessons I learned

  • Consistency is the key to success

  • Keep working till you find a way to do something

  • Don't play the day before GRE as you might injure yourself and end up gaining some 20kgs of weight.

Keep helping people and Allah will definitely help you.