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PhD Success Story - Electrical Engineering



Education:BS Electrical Engineering (Control Systems), The University of Lahore

MS Electrical Engineering (Control Systems and Statistical signal Processing),College of E&ME, NUST

CGPA 3.7


GRE 294 (Quant 156 Verb 138 AWA 3.0)

Conference Publication

I was working at UET, Lahore when I met a Professor from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock who came to Pakistan for a conference as an invited keynote speaker. We had a conversation and he got convinced after hearing the work I had been doing so far. He urged me to apply to the PhD program but at that time I was not feeling like starting a PhD, still I kept that option with me. After one or two months I thought like lets do it and when I saw the deadlines for applying, I was left with just one month. In that one month, I took both GRE and IELTS and submitted an application to two universities, i.e. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock and The Ohio State University in USA. I got an admission call from both the places. In UET, I was working on a project that was a joint project of UET and Ohio State University so I had a work history and some really strong recommendations from my professors in Pakistan so this helped me in getting admission in the Ohio State University even with such low GRE scores. My professors in Pakistan were contacted individually for a feedback on my performance.

Finally, I would like to thank scholar den for creating this platform and making things easier especially the visa process etc. for people like me! Keep up the good work.

Lesson Learned:

It helps a lot if you contact a potential supervisor prior to submitting an application.

What people usually do is that they get letter of recommendations that are more like typical ones... I suggest that only take recommendations letters from teachers who have deeply examined you and the letters must be detailed explaining your potential.