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PhD Success Story - Agriculture


My name is Sapna. Recently, I got elected for PhD at Kansas state university on project funding. I am going to share my journey, which was not smooth as it seems, however, it made me learn a lot from troubles. I never thought of studying in USA, because, I considered it impossible! Unless my close friend told me. Before my friend contacted me, I was trying to find opportunities in other countries.

I got my bachelor’s and master’s degree in entomology from Sindh Agriculture university, Tandojam with 3.87 and 3.84 CGPA. I had many certificates and different skills, because I kept myself engaged in workshops, conferences or trainings to make my profile more attractive, however, these courses contributed in providing me out of the box knowledge. I decided of pursuing PhD from foreign when I was in masters. I got my master’s degree in 2015, soon after that I moved to my uncle’s house in Karachi to prepare for IELTS, as it was easy to get distracted in household activities and guests. On my first attempt, I got 6 band that was of no use. However, I tried again then I got 6.5 band, nonetheless, it is not that good but even not that bad ????. My next step was to contact professors and start applying for scholarships. I used to get acceptance from Professors but they did not have funding and scholarships eligibilities are raised to sky level. Many Govt. funded scholarships required job experience. I tried for some scholarships and got rejected, even I felt no hope for scholarship then I thought of applying to CSC (China scholarships), guess what I rejected there too. I ended up sending emails to Professors for supervision and funding. One and half year passed like that. One day, one of my close friends called me to ask about my current status (She got accepted in university at USA with half financial assistance), she got too surprised and angry that I am still struggling. She guided me to look for universities in your field that do not require GRE. I made my search and found that Nebraska and Kansas state university does not require GRE score for PhD in Entomology. I directly applied for PhD admission without contacting professors. Meanwhile, I decided to prepare for GRE, incase if I get rejected, I will apply to other universities with GRE score. I believe that God showered His blessings on me that one day I received email from Prof. at Kansas and she asked me if I can have skype interview with her. After 2 days I had interview, it went very well, although, I did not have the work experience in her research work, but she welcomed me to learn from her and I accepted it. In a week I received admission letter and I.20 form. I still considered it magic. I am thankful to God and all the people around me, some were nice, and some were harsh, but their criticism made me work hard to prove them wrong. I asked mom to pray for me. Today my success is combination of all the efforts that I did, the troubles that I faced, the motivation that help me go on and all the special people (Rabel Talpur, Scholar den, relatives, Prof. my parents) around me, that made me go on and taught me. My friend Rabel was the main support for guidance to apply for admission in USA, she never let me loose hope and I will always remain thankful to her!

To all the dreamers, I will suggest try your best and leave the rest on God. Your hard work never goes in vain. Try keeping the company of optimists and avoid pessimists! Best of luck!