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Masters Success Story - Physics


This is Zeeshan Ali, who belongs to a poor Family, a family with limited resources - son of a Tailor, who dreamed for USA!

During my B.SC, my Uncle Waheed (Mamu), said to me that I should aim USA for study, I made my mind and set my aim is to go USA. I was not a brilliant student, but, put up effort to clear my B.SC with a score of 64%.

After my B.SC I have to struggle to get in to M.SC program, but I got in M.SC with blessing of Allah. Moving forward with an aim that I will go USA, I achieved 77% in my M.SC Part I. A time of struggle came up when up my father got died in 2014, just before a month of my M.SC part II exams. I was down and lost, dishearten, and shattered because my hero, my father- a guider to me, went off the scene. But my Mother and my Uncle (Mamu), my Nana Abu supported me up and reminded me that your father aim was to provide education to you, he wanted you to be a person with resourceful life, so never give up Zeeshan; you have to stand up and have to get your father aim. So I started prep and my exams started, but a new hurdle was on the way, before third exam; computational Physics, I got suffered with Bell’s Palsy, in which my left facial nerve was damaged (Took me more than a year to get recovered), I lost left side facial movement, my eye was tearing up with water, not even blinking and closing up, but I went to exam in this situation and gave all exams in the same condition. I stand still and never lost, because I was with clear aim that I have to clear M.SC Physics and get in USA. With support from family I was determined, and persistent, so cleared my MS.C with 74% marks.

When my result came up, my Uncle (Mamu) asked, now start your aim for USA with target of TOEFL and GRE. I do not know, what I have to prepare, where to get material, but I started searching. After spending days and nights, I found what is in the TOEFL and GRE and what kind of test is it, but material was still a worry, no books were freely available, I did not know even how to get. But one thing was clear I was persistent for going USA. Spend whole nights and days for material searching and to get info, I searched a lot which material can better. My, ate was lost, my sleep went away, just one aim I want go to USA for study. I went to even best places for test prep, but I came to know that I had to study on my own half, they did not even care of guidance. After a lot of search and efforts, i got required material I started practicing. Appeared in exams and I got Toefl-94 and GRE-297.

During all this, I was working on finding universities, I started working on making university list for Physics, it took me 35+ days for making my list, according to MS word details (35 days consecutive work on the file). Even though I feel sleepy, but did not sleep, I forgot my food, health, friends, everything related me my aim; just go USA for study. After a lot of efforts, I completed my list and all details, now was in situation to apply. So choose universities according to my profile for application purposes.

It was January when my first decision came, K state rejected me, then couple more, I was dishearten. I then remembered my prof words: “I will see how can u get there; you cannot get there”

I was down, but my whole family, specially my mamu supported me. They all said believe in ALLAH u will get there, InshAllah!

Then it came the day when after long wait and persistence, I got selected in Miami U, for graduate Physics program with full funding. I was happy that with blessing of Allah I got there.

To my experience, who say; that I can never get to USA, remember that never lose your hope, be persevere and persistent. Be clear in you aim and never lose your goal.