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Masters Success Story - Electrical Engineering (Rutgers & Tufts)


GRE 311 (152V, 159Q) CGPA 3.21 BS. EE UET lahore No publication 0 work experience at the time of application 2 internships Applied to 6 schools Admit from Rutgers University, Tufts university waiting list in Northeastern university Reject from Umass 2 decisions pending

159 in Quant was a bummer for me as i had an engineering background. I was below average for every good school that i wanted to apply in every aspect ( GPA, GRE etc). I still took the chance and applied to 6 schools and Alhamdulillah got admission from Tufts and Rutgers. I started preparing for the application soon after my graduation in July 2017. Took the GRE in October and gave two good months to the rest of application. What I learnt from this process is that SOP and LOR are very important because i think they got me the admission. I had won final year project exhibition and co-founded a technical society in my campus so that's what I cashed in my SOP and got the relevant LOR's from FYP supervisor and society advisor. Whatever I mentioned in my SOP and CV, I tried to get its proof from LOR's which according to me is very important. You have to plan your whole application to make it look coherent. Then the most important part is getting your application reviewed by experienced personnel. Spare a month for this process because everyone has a busy routine and they will normally take a weekend to review your application.

At the end I will thank ScholarDen for providing this amazing opportunity from where I got all the guidance regarding GRE as well as SOP. We all should make our contribution to the ScholarDen's platform. That's the only way we can guide our juniors. Good luck to all the future aspirants.