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MBA Success Story - Supply Chain Management - Michigan State University


Salik Khan

GRE 320 & GMAT 640


When I graduated in 2013, I had a clear plan; two years of professional experience and I will apply for my MBA. I had a rather casual attitude to start with. I planned to apply to the dream schools, my dream schools were Harvard and Oxford, and in case of failure I would apply to LUMS and get done with my MBA. However, as I accumulated my professional experience and researched on the tough competition I was going to face as an international students, I realized that it required far more serious attitude than I had.

I started by researching schools. My first research criteria was to identify schools with a pedigree in Supply Chain Management (I wanted to major in SCM). Next, I wanted to apply to schools based on a triangle approach; one top 10 school, 2 top 15 schools, 3 second tier schools. I chose most of my schools in which I thought I had a realistic chance based on my professional experience, personality, co-curricular and GRE score. I finalized Tuck, Duke, UT Austin, Eli Broad and W P Carey.

The next step was to prepare a strong application. Anyone applying or pursuing an MBA would admit that it is a long and testing process. You are placed against global pool of students where you will often find another profile exactly like yours. It all comes down to how you manage to stand out through you essays and application materials and for that I needed some help. I started to contact current students at my shortlisted schools. Some of them were very helpful and forthcoming, while some of them took their time. I also received a lot of help from Faisal at Scholar Den who not only helped me with application materials but also school selection.

The key in essays is to understand what the school prompt has asked you and communicate the points that you think are the strongest for your case. There is a lot of material on each school to research on values that schools look for in the applicant and the applicants should consciously try to mold their essays in line with those expectations to increase chances of their success. So I researched each school individually, understanding what school will be looking through my essays, how genuinely excited I am for the school and what points in my resume will strike the admission officer the most. Once I had ran through a couple of drafts for each school, I started requesting objective reviews from the current students and Faisal.

After iterating through several cycles (in some cases I wrote and revised essays 5-6 times), came the time for submission and the painful wait. I got interview calls from McCombs, Eli Broad and W P Carey. Even for the interviews, I searched through various forums like Gmatclub to compile a list of FAQs in interviews and prepare my own answers. Eventually, I got admission offer from all the three schools and chose Eli Broad School of Business at Michigan State University to start my MBA in 2018!