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MBA Success Story - Olin, ASU, Broad, Fisher, Kelley

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Haseeb Hassan

It was in October 2015, when I received the news that I got rejected from Fulbright final interview. Considering my financial situation, I thought my dream to pursue an MBA from US would never realize, therefore, I moved to KSA. However, the desire to pursue an MBA from US was always there. Hence, I started preparing for GMAT in January 2017 and undertook it in March 2017 and scored pretty decent 700 (considering my working hours to be 14 hrs/day). For GMAT my only advice is practice as it is key to succeed in standardized tests. But then to my disappointment I found that I am ineligible to apply for Fulbright due to KSA work visa. At that time of low, Faisal bhai added me to scholar den group and motivated me and guided me to apply directly. I was initially skeptical about direct applying considering huge finances involved but I must say scholar den remained key in my success. The mentors there especially Faizan Hayat and Dr. Ayaz really helped me with the whole process especially essays. Faisal bhai himself guided me throughout the process and especially helped in undertaking the admissions interviews. As I sought full funding so I applied in schools with rankings 20-35 only. For schools I would say research thoroughly and see which schools align with your goals. Further, I believe my essays were pretty solid and my advice is to write essays again and again, it take at least ten iterations to perfect an essay. Don't hurry in essays, they are atleast as important as GMAT. As far as recommendation letters are concerned, I would advise go and ask someone who knows you well for recommendations not to someone who is maybe a CEO and knows nothing or very little about you. For interviews, success depends on practice, write your answers and learn them by heart but in interviews show them that they are real time answers. So, the universities I applied were Indiana Kelley, WashU Olin, ASU WP Carey, MSU Broad and OSU Fisher and I got accepted in all of them.


  • ASU            Full tuition waiver and GA ship

  • Olin             Full tuition waiver

  • Broad          90% tuition waiver

  • Fisher          70% tuition waiver and GA ship

  • Kelley         50% tuition waiver and GA ship

I am hopefully joining Olin this fall insha ALLAH. I once again want to thank Faisal bhai and all mentors/members of scholar den group who helped me realize my dreams.