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Masters Success Story - Software Engineering


Being a student who never really wanted to continue further studies after FSC and was more interested in joining the military to going to US for MS, I have come a long way. After being rejected by the military I got in NUST CEME for BS in Computer Engineering. The day when I took my first class I realized that I was sitting among the best of the country as everyone had almost 90% marks in their FSC while some of them were board toppers in their region, while on the other hand there I was with only a meager 78% in FSC. But now when I look back I did well throughout my university life being an above average student who not only studied but also took part in extra-curricular activities.

Till my junior year I had literally no interest in doing MS after graduation. Things changed during summer when my uncle motivated me to do MS from US, so I started doing research about GRE. I was told that universities deadlines were near March (which was so wrong) so I delayed my GRE till Jan trying to gather courage to give GRE as my mocks after preparations were not even touching 300. Luckily my GRE got delayed on the test date so I had to reschedule after 2 weeks. That was when I contacted Faisal Bhai who gave me some tips on what to do right on the test day as I had done my preparation. On the test day I followed his advice and was able to score 310 (with improvement of 15 points).

Then came the phase of finding universities I had a list of which I thought I would be applying to but while seeing their deadlines I was way past those deadlines. I had two universities that I finally managed to apply one had rolling admission (so that was to on risk) but still I applied. I had to write my SOP within a short time, which I did with the help of mentors from scholar den.

The universities I applied were University of Florida and Arizona State University; my intended MS program was Computer Science or Software Engineering. I was rejected by University of Florida as my TOEFL was a month late then their mentioned deadline. So I was ready to take a gap year as I thought same would be from ASU. But I was still hopeful for a positive response from ASU which I did get after a long wait. I got into MS Software Engineering.

Lastly I would urge all future aspirants to take GRE as early as possible and apply as early as possible to get a better chance in getting admission with funding. And everyone must always believe in their self that they can do it. No one I repeat No one must give up on anything they want, you must keep trying and trying for it and one day you will succeed.