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Masters Success Story - Computer Science



  • GRE: 301 (Quant 157, Verbal 144)

  • TOEFL: 95

  • CGPA: 3.8/4

2 months work experience at the time of application


  • University of Texas Arlington

  • Wichita State University

Program: Masters in Computer Science

I have done my bachelors in Computer Science and graduated in 2016. At that time I had no idea of pursuing Masters abroad and since I had 3 job offers even before my graduation so I took up a job and started it immediately after I graduated. Later In September, one of my cousins who did his masters there advised me to go for it since I have a good profile. It took me some time to finalize this and I started my GRE preparation.  Although, I was scoring around 310-315 in my mocks, I panicked on the test day and ended up scoring a 301. I was very disappointed but my family encouraged me and I started TOEFL preparations. By the time, I did my TOEFL, January was already over. Now, when I started shortlisting the universities, I got to know almost all the good universities had their deadlines passed. After some search I could find only above two universities which were feasible and safe for me to apply as I had to write my SOP and arrange LOR in a very short time and I knew they are were going to be very good. I received admits from both of them but since I had applied too late, I could not get any funding or scholarship.

I would not term my story as success story because I myself was not able to get time to apply  into my desired universities. The purpose of Writing this is only to emphasize that please take your tests and start your application process on time and give yourself ample time to search about universities and then apply. Or else you will have lesser chances of getting admission and funding as well.

Lastly, I would like to thanks scholar den group because it was only because of them that I was even able to apply and get admission. I had no other source of guidance. So, if this group was not there, I would not even have dared to apply.