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Masters & PhD Success Story - Electrical Engineering



  • Degree: BSc Electrical Engineering

  • Institute: UET Lahore

  • GPA: 3.4

  • GRE: 312 (160Q, 152V, 3.5AWA)

  • TOEFL: 97

  • Publication: 01 in an International Conference

It all started back in Aug-Sep 2016 when I heard about this platform of Scholar Den. I had attempted GRE before but because of my lack of guidance, I failed to score even 300. I approached Scholar Den Founder, who then put me on the right track and provided me with all necessary material (all free) to retake GRE. Thanks to free magoosh and manhattan prep accounts, provided by Scholar Den, I scored 312- improved my GRE score by 15 points. I then moved on to TOEFL and with 2 days of preparation appeared for the test. I would like to mention here that although TOEFL is not hard at all, do practice for a week or fortnight to do well. 97 was not a bad score but it took many TA opportunities away from me because usually the cutoff for such positions is 100.

Anyways, now that I was all set with my test scores and statement of purpose- courtesy of mentors of Scholar Den for reviewing my CV and SOP again and again- I applied in 09 programs with 07 admits and two rejections. Although my admit ratio is above average, I am not happy with my school selection. It is highly recommended to follow a normal distribution while selecting schools to apply. Ideal number is six with at least 02 such schools for which you are damn sure to get into. Do apply in 1-2 top schools. I applied into RICE, though rejected at the end, I was lucky to make it to their waitlist. It was indeed a morale booster for me. Last but not the least, please please please, apply in only those programs that you seriously consider worth joining. Do not just waste your time and money only to see if you can get in to that program or to increase your admit number. Good Luck.


  • University of Central Florida ( PhD )

  • George Washington University ( MS )

  • Baylor University ( PhD )

  • Binghamton University ( MS )

  • University of Sheffield ( MS )

  • Bilkent University ( MS )

  • Erasmus Mundus EMARO ( MS )


  • Rice University ( PhD )

  • Michigan Technological University ( PhD )