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PhD Success Story - Bio Technology


They say that the journey is never easy until you begin and overcome your fears. My journey was never a short-cut. I was eager to begin. I had to climb to the summit step by step overcoming hurdles with the only gift I had: perseverance. As a person who always sets objectives to define a road map I could satisfy the quest of gaining quality education through securing direct admission. This is what made me lucky enough to accomplish one of my biggest goals: Fully Funded Admission for PhD program at a State University in the US.

Milestone 1: I always had a habit of reading newspaper ; my eyes scanned the paper looking for opportunities until I found one: Global Ugrad Exchange Program. As a student of BS Biotechnology Life Sciences at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, I successfully got selected for the prestigious Global UGrad scholarship and successfully completed a BS Exchange Semester in the US. This was a starter! As an additional token of success: I completed an extra free course on crystallography at Keene State College USA and published my first paper with Dr. J

Milestone 2: After returning from the States I had to join the next batch therefore without wasting any time I joined PCSIR for summer research work. There is huge importance of internships. It is cool if you prefer joining institutions or organization as interns during summer vacations rather just continuously watching seasons at home. My senior once described to me how one of the professors at the University keeps good knowledge of a Biotech field and writes review papers on it. Today I have 10 publications which greatly helped me in gaining admission.

Milestone 3: I started applying even before my final result of the BS was out. I knew it would take almost a year for me to complete the process. Searching the right schools, shortlisting, gathering all the required documents, appearing in TOEFL and GRE, paying the application fees, writing personal statement and waiting for the decisions. There were schools where I easily secured a place but they could not offer me full funding. Michigan State University, University of Idaho, Florida Tech, and University of North Dakota: All were positive but not to the fullest. That is when I learnt that not all the higher education programs in the US are fully funded and you have to find the right program for yourself with each and every point that is in your favor. Meanwhile I did not waste my year and continued working at an outsourcing based company to gain work experience other than lab-based work.

Milestone 4: My “first” application to the Wayne State University ended up in not getting me a place because all the spaces were filled that year. I was pretty disappointed. It was natural. But my disappointment did not stop me from applying again. The gift of perseverance helped me again. The advisor gave me a hint that my application was strong. That is when I waited to re apply for Fall 2018 program. I updated my personal statement and submitted the list of publications too because once my professor told me that they place your application file on the top when you have some good research and publications. Then during summers of 2018, I got a wonderful news: Selection from a pool of 300 candidates for a fully funded program!

Milestone 5: There are hopefully many more milestones to come. Before leaving for the States I intend to chalk a frame of new objectives. This time greater objectives to support myself, my family, my community, my home country, and the world I live in. A Note for the readers and applicants: You all have got the potential in you. It is all about taking the first step and then setting up the road map. Then strive to achieve all the goals one milestone at a time. Daily spend an hour or two reading articles from famous magazines and journals such as scientific ones like Nature or general ones like New York Times. Spend some time writing diaries or articles or essays for competitions out there because this helps you write a nice personal statement or publish manuscripts. Always ask for fee waivers from the advisers when applying to a University. All the information is already out there just look for it!