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Masters Success Story - Kansas State University

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I started working on my applications since March after I was done with my GRE. I didn’t start the process haphazardly in fact I read a lot of articles and success stories about Direct Admissions on Scholar Den prior to applying and figured out a few common things among them.

Firstly, I didn’t have a staggering GPA so I was motivated after reading those success stories. There is always something that is meant for you and you have to carve your own path towards it. Secondly, I learned that all of the applicants have spent some quality time on their personal statements and on the entire application as well. So I started streamlining the things. 

1. I compiled a list of the Universities where I was intending to apply. Read thoroughly about their research projects and checked out if they align with mine. Most of them were according to my profile and for profile evaluation, I have used the statistics available on the website which generally includes the average GPA, average GRE scores of the admitted students along with the tuition costs and acceptance rates.

2. Shortlisted two ambitious Universities, two moderate ones and one on the safer side where I was sure about my admission. I secured the admission in 3/5 of them and I selected Kansas State University as my final destination. So this pattern works and it saves your time and money instead of applying to all of the top ranked Universities and ending up in receiving a negative response from all of them. For shortlisting, I have consulted US News rankings’ data and a few other reliable resources.

3. For the backup plan, I also selected two other universities where I haven’t applied at the first place. Their deadlines weren’t too close so in case I couldn’t make it to any of the five Universities I would jump onto the other option without going through the same process again.

4. Created an Excel file where I entered all the things that I would be needing while filling out the applications. (How many recommendation letters are required? What are the deadlines of each University? What other documents do they need along with the application?) I didn’t complicate the file by adding up too many details except for the necessary ones, just kept it simple and comprehensible.

5. Meanwhile, I was working on my personal statements. Prepared three drafts and kept on revising them critically until I was satisfied with the final one. I would recommend you to get your personal statements checked by some experienced person.

6. I realized that proceeding out in a structured way was utterly essential throughout the entire process. It not only saves your time but also helps you out in making the right choice later on.

7. All of the strategies that I have used were the ones that were previously mentioned in the different stories and discussion forums. So it’s always a good idea to learn from the experiences of others.