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How to Choose Accommodation in USA?

I’d like to make some points for incoming students trying to finalize and finding accommodation in universities all over US:

Be very careful when choosing accommodation

1.      Try choosing near campus (off campus) accommodation and do proper research (google reviews) when referring to safety and living conditions of apartment places

2.      Try to know the surroundings and post on FB groups to ask about living areas and places where most students live. The more concentrated the student population in an apartment complex areas, the less prone are the red neck areas.

3.      Know your neighbor and be watchful and cautious of your surroundings

4.      Don’t travel between campus and home (unless a personal car) too late in the night (specially for female students). A point I will stress, I’ve seen in front of my eyes pedestrians (international students) get run over and die (again safe crossing rules apply).

5.      Always travel in groups in areas you are unsure of and when crossing through shady areas (it helps a lot I’ve personally noticed how individuals who travel alone (happened to a friend on bike) get targeted (though rarely) over those who travel in groups

In a nutshell, be very cautious of your surroundings and people.