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Fulbright Personal Statement VS Study Objectives

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What should an SOP look like:

  1. Who you are (background education/ family/ life experiences.

  2. Why you want to by pursuing this degree program/ Fulbright Scholarship.

  3. How will you benefit Pakistan after coming back with the degree ( kind of a brief action plan of what u intend to do)

  4. It should connect with your Study Objective and demonstrate practical steps that you intend to take.

Study Objective should have the following ingredients:

  1. What is your topic of interest (not the degree u want to do) and what research/ study you will do on it

  2. Narrow down to the specific within that field, and what and why it interests you. You can quote some known professor/ researcher/ achiever who is from that field to show your depth of knowledge and aspiration towards this field

  3. Second portion of your SP/RO should talk about the degree program u intend to take and what specifically will be your topic of interest in that. Here you also need to relate briefly how ur previous CS experience relates to a Education in technology degree. This connect can be established through the volunteer/ paid work u have done in LUMS and other places.

  4. Lastly, you need to touch upon how this learning is essential for Pakistan……this demonstrates the need for a skill you plan to acquire…. It can come in the form of a comparison, or a reality check of whether that knowledge is missing in Pakistan or is it too expensive to acquire for an average Pakistani.