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6. Visa Process


Although GRE Prep, SOP Writing and Application process are very important steps but getting an admit in a university is not the end of story. After getting I20, the next step is to apply for the US VISA. This guide will help future students for visa process. You may find several F1 visa guides and experiences over the internet but for Pakistan, the process is little different.

These are the key steps for F1 visa appointment, we will be explaining all the steps in detail in the coming sections.

  • SEVIS FEE Payment

  • DS-160 Form Submission

  • F1 Visa Application

  • F1 Visa Fee Submission

  • F1 Visa Appointment Scheduling

  • Documents Required for F1 Visa Interview

SEVIS FEE Payment:

SEVIS Fee Payment is mandatory for all Students and Exchange Visitors. It costs around $200. It is recommended that one should submit fee at least 3 days earlier prior to F1 interview. The process of Fee payment is very simple. There is an online tutorial available on the following link which is self-explanatory.

NOTE: Keep in mind that, Please ALWAYS GO FOR PAYMENT VIA CREDIT CARD. There is service available through which you can submit fee using Western Union Quick Pay Service, but this service is not available in Karachi. Not sure about other cities in Pakistan, so it is always recommended to pay via credit Card.

You can pay fee and also check the status of fee payment at this address

Pay Fee and Print the Confirmation Page.

  • DS-160 Form

It is recommended to read the guidelines and procedures available on the following website. It has all the information required to schedule the F1 Visa Interview.

DS-160 is very important step of your visa application. Please answer the questions carefully and truthfully.

This is the link for DS-160 Online Application:

Open the website and select your location where you want to apply for Visa and click on START AN APPLICATION.

You will be given with Application ID, copy the Application ID. This is very important, sometimes because of the internet connection timeout or any other reason the application logged off. To retrieve your application, Application ID will be required.

Then answer few security questions.

  • Personal Information 1:

  • Enter your Information as it is given in your I20 and Passport.

  • For Full Name in Native Alphabet, Select ‘Does Not Apply’

  • Personal Information 2:

  • Enter your identification info. NIC number etc.

  • For US SSN and Tax Payer ID, select ‘Does Not Apply’

  • Address & Phone Information:

  • Enter your Home Address and Phone Number

  • Passport Information:

  • Enter Passport Details.

  • Select ‘Regular’ for Passport type if you are a regular student

  • Passport Book Number is BOOKLET NUMBER, present on your front page of passport (at the bottom)

  • Travel Information:

  • Enter Travel Details

  • If you didn’t book air tickets, Select ‘NO’ for specific travel plans. It is also recommended that you should not buy airline tickets before visa approval. So select ‘No’ in most cases

  • Provide University Address for your Stay in US

  • Select Person who is sponsoring your studies and provide his/her information

  • Travel Companions:

  • If you have dependent travelling with you, select ‘Yes’ otherwise ‘No’

  • Previous US Travel Information:

  • Provide previous travel information here

  • U.S Point of Contact Information:

  • Provide Contact information, it should be mentioned in your I20(School Address Section). Generally, Point of Contact is Office of International programs.

  • Relationship, SCHOOL OFFICIAL.

  • Previous US Travel Information:

  • Provide previous travel information here

  • Family Information: Relatives

  • Provide Family information, keep Father’s and Mother’s DOB with you

  • Family Information: Relatives

  • Select your Previous Work/Education occupation

  • If you are employed, provide Employer’s Address

  • Select

  • If you are student, Provide University Address

  • If you were employed in only one organization in previous years, select ‘NO’ for previous Employed.

  • Select ‘Yes’ for Educational institutions question and provide education information

  • First Provide University Information, then College Information and then School

  • Additional Work/Education/Training Information

  • Enter Languages you know and other common details.

  • Security Background:

  • In this section, answer the questions very carefully. Ideally, your all answers should be ‘NO’

  • Additional Point of Contact Information.

  • Provide contact information who are living in Pakistan. Do not give information of Relatives and family members

  • Additional Point of Contact Information:

  • Provide contact information who are living in Pakistan. Do not give information of Relatives and family members

  • SEVIS Information:

  • Enter SEVIS ID, School Information

  • Upload Photo:

  • Upload your recent photograph in this section. Photograph should follow the rules for dimensions and image quality

  • You can use PHOTO CROPPING TOOL to convert your photograph into DS160 format photograph


  • Sign and Submit:

  • Very Important Step, Carefully read all the statement

  • Select ‘NO’ for Preparer of Application question.

  • Enter Passport Number, Code and Submit the Application.

Confirmation Page:

  • Do Not Close the Page.

  • First PRINT CONFIRMATION, Save the Page in PDF Format in your Computer, Do not Close the Page

  • Print Application, DO NOT EXIT APPLICATION.


  • Email Confirmation to your Email Address.

  • Check your Inbox and saved files for your DS 160 confirmation.

  • F1 VISA Application

  • Go to Visa Application website, ( )

  • Create New User



  • Select Residence

  • Select ENGLISH Always.

  • Select Visa type

  • Enter information. DS-160 Number, Passport number etc

  • If you have dependent, Enter Details in STEP 6 otherwise leave it

  • Select Passport Pickup Location and Confirm

  • Now you will get Visa Payment Receipt. In PAKISTAN, you can pay visa fee in any branch of Allied Bank.

  • Print the Receipt, fill in your information and pay the visa fee.

  • Normally, on next day after 11:00 am, you will be able to select appointment date for visa.


  • Again logon to your account( )

  • Click ‘CONTINUE’

  • If your fee is activated, you are allowed to schedule the interview

  • Select the Date for your interview.

  • In Pakistan, your fingerprints will be taken on the day of interview.

Now, Click on the PRINTABLE VERSION and Save the confirmation Page

Click on Email Appointment Confirmation and email the confirmation page to your email inbox.

Done !!